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Scottish Salmon Company on the PR Trail – The information you can ask for but won’t get!

The Scottish Salmon Company have announced two public meetings in Harris as a public consultation on the company’s plans for a new fish farm at East Loch Tarbert (Reibinish), and two other mysterious facilities apparently without definite locations, and which these meetings form part of the company’s ‘data gathering’ process. So that’s three new fish farms for Harris.

The company are saying that this is your chance to speak to staff, ask questions, see plans. But it is of course a cynical exercise in PR management aimed at convincing the planning authorities that the public have been consulted.

But the real questions will not answered.

Will Scottish Salmon Company give you the facts about the impacts of fish farming on marine environments, wild fish and other mammals, birds and sea life? No.

Will Scottish Salmon Company tell you about sea lice infestations? No.

Will Scottish Salmon Company tell you about the diseases that are raging through Hebridean Fish Farms? No.

Will Scottish Salmon tell you about the impacts on crabs, lobsters and prawns of he chemicals they use to treat diseases and sea lice infestations? No.

Will they give you stats about escapes from their fish farms? No.

Will they show footage of the deserts beneath their fish farms, the desecrated sea beds and tons of fish excrement that pollute the marine environment? No.

Will they tell you about the shooting of seals? No.

The list is endless. Don’t be fooled by the oily handshakes of corporate Fish Farming PR. Get the facts from independent sources…but remember a lot of the facts that shame this industry are hidden behind government supported nets of secrecy. Why? Why is this industry not transparent? What is it too afraid to tell you?

Will they let you know that the methods that are supposed to stop pollution, disease and escapes are simply not good enough? No.

To learn more or to join the campaign against unsustainable fish farming in the Outer Hebrides, e-mail us at:


The meetings take place as follows:

Bays Community Centre, Leacklee, Harris, 2-7pm Tuesday 4th December

Tarbert Community Centre, Harris, 2-7pm Wednesday 5th December.

See you there!

The ad in this week’s Stornoway Gazette.